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Care of the Phobic Patient

THE PATIENTS PACE When you feel that you are in a SAFE PLACE, when you feel that YOU are in CONTROL, then you will feel less scared. Respect and understanding your needs helps you to keep composure and control.

We will progress at your PACE so that you will gain confidence and trust in us.

We never promise you that it won’t hurt. By going carefully and timing the appointment to suit your level of comfort you will be able to gain control over your discomfort or phobia.

In addition if this does not suit, then we are able to provide I.V sedation to do dental treatment. At Prevent Dental we understand and specialise in treating people with minor or major fear of dental treatment.

The Journey – We would like you to imagine that you are taking a life time dental journey with us. So along the way we will be there guiding you and teaching you and treating you so that you will end up at a place where you have gained knowledge and empowerment and of course, beautiful, healthy comfortable teeth and smile.