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Children’s Dentistry

At Prevent Dental we have 20 years of active care for children. We specialise and enjoy working with children.

We are fortunate to be able to provide a special method of treating children in a way which is gentle and non invasive.

We use Minimal Invasive Treatment as taught at University of Sydney and modern preventive dental methods for children (and adults also). We understand how to minimise pain, difficulty and length of appointment. We would like to gain our young patients confidence and prevent physiological trauma.

Minimal Invasive treatment means that we can successfully treat baby teeth without needles or x-rays. A filling is simple and takes minutes if not seconds. We use products that adhere to tooth structure and make all our lives easier. These products have been developed in the marketplace and stick easily and quickly to the tooth.

Our goals in children’s filling are different to adult fillings. Children’s teeth are different to adult teeth. As children are growing and will loss baby teeth, our goal is to maintain the space by keeping the baby teeth in the arch for as long as possible. This maintains the space available so that the permanent tooth has the correct space in the arch to come into.

At the exam appointment the items that are reviewed are: presence of decay, assessment of growth and airway. We check for a tongue tie, speech, airway and growth.

An important role at Prevent Dental in looking after children (and adults) is to assess why there is decay and how to prevent it. We do that by carefully discussing diet with you. Diet is even more important than cleaning in preventing holes in children’s teeth. The pH of saliva is one of the most important and currently overlooked aspect in preventing decay and erosion in teeth today. Acidic saliva will cause decay and erosion. You can have control over the acidity of your saliva and we will show you how to do this.

Growth, airway and the tongue examination in children is vital in gaining the optimum growth and facial beauty the way a child is meant to develop. Preventing abnormal growth caused by incorrect breathing and other issues is well recognized at Prevent Dental.

Traditionally orthodontic (braces) treatment is delayed until growth and facial beauty is compromised. Early assessment and interceptive orthodontic treatment promotes health and minimises the problem.