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Complex Restorative treatment

There may be some of you who think you have complex, difficult and expensive dental problems which in fact turn out to be simpler than you at first thought after all.

Other times you may indeed to have complex dental treatments that you want or require. We can help by Diagnosing, Treatment Planning, Preventive, and Financial Planning.

We have the knowledge to break down your treatment requirements into its basic components and then rebuild and reconstruct function and aesthetics in a co-ordinated, organised and planned way.


Before and after photos of Linda

Linda asked us to save her teeth if possible and improve her smile.

What we did:

  1. Establish the starting point condition of the gums and bone (periodontal condition).
  2. Straighten the teeth in 6 months with our up to date orthodontic technology.
  3. Establish the correct vertical height relationship between the upper and lower arches
  4. Use partial dentures upper and lower to replace missing back teeth. This creates support for the whole mouth (dentition). Without this support, the teeth would collapse again.
  5. Implants can replace the dentures at a later time.
  6. Notice the Composite Resin (plastic) fillings on the biting edges of the front teeth. These teeth had previously been damaged due to the excessive biting load on the front teeth without the support of good posterior (back) teeth.
  7. Yes Linda had bleaching also which gives good look term results.
  8. What’s hard about this? Linda our patient was motivated. We required her to attend for regular appointments. Linda wore a plate at night every night and the home bleaching kit also required motivation and nightly wear for two weeks.