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Root Canal Treatment, Extractions, Implants

At Prevent Dental we’ve got these important treatments covered. Firstly we analyse the difficulty and complexity of the case. We discuss with you the options of whether we treat or refer.

Replacing dentures with Implants is an important part of our work. We recommend implants rather than bridges. A bridge is not the first recommended option any more as implants are so successful, reliable and affordable. An implant looks more attractive than a bridge and damages the healthy adjacent teeth unnecessarily. Currently the cost of an implant may be very similar to a bridge. Together we can help you plan financially how to achieve the optimum treatment without compromise in aesthetics or health of your teeth.

Replacing a full denture with implants – often you can add implants under your denture to gain extra stability and retention at affordable prices.

Root Canal Treatment is a ‘foundation’ treatment.

We make sure that the RCT step is done well in order that you will get the longevity of this costly treat. Crowns and fillings that are built onto the RCT need a solid foundation to gain longevity of work that we do and that you pay for. Deciding if we should carry out this work or refer to a specialist endodontist (RCT), is an important discussion we have with you.


We have a highly qualified team of visiting Oral Surgeon and Anaesthetist who carry out surgical extractions and treatment, with or without sedation. With twenty plus years of experience and networking in Sydney we have contact with the best specialists to refer our patients to.