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Records, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

“Good treatment starts with good records”

Your records and examinations are collected and collated together by one of our team members.

This information is presented to the dentists at Prevent Dental for a collaborative assessment of your case. In this way a good understanding and communication within the dental team can be made to consider your treatment. The dental team comprises of the dentists at Prevent Dental reviewing your case and seeking specialist consultations also.

From this information a detailed discussion/s will happen with you by all/or some of the staff. We believe that you should have the opportunity to freely discuss different treatment options and ask as many questions as you like. This is also done in careful consideration of cost planning. This is an ongoing process over time. When you are ready to proceed then we will be available to provide you with treatment of your choice with our professional guidance.

Treatment Plans and Options are decided and written up for all staff to be able to access now and in the future. In this way all of our patients will receive a consistent and high standard of service from all our dentists based on our preventive, conservative, long term philosophies. It doesn’t matter if one of our dentists is away. Our records, procedures and protocols ensure that all staff can be up to date about your individual treatment plan.

Our aim is to guide you in making decisions according to your time frame and financial budget to achieve the optimum outcome over time, no matter what your constraints.

This may be time, financial, health or fear constraints. It is not important to us how long this process takes. However long is needed, we are here to explain and discuss with you.