Level 1, 11-17 Khartoum Rd North Ryde 2113

Why us?

“At Prevent Dental we want a lifetime relationship with you and your family”

We believe Service, Quality, Value and Hygiene are the important things customers want.


  •  Being respectful to you
  •  Providing reliable treatment consistently and promptly.
  •  Understanding your point of view as a customer
  •  Being honest and giving advice that serves what is best for you.
  •  Being diligent, dedicated and efficient
  •  Providing modern and up to date information and treatment options
  •  Being well qualified and educated
  •  Our treatment plans and philosophy is consistent between providers



  • We don’t like to compromise on quality. We use our ingenuity, creativity and motivation to get you the best results without compromise.
  • We promise to provide you with the best quality product and service that we can.
  • That if there is a service elsewhere that is better for you we will help you source it.
  • We don’t take short cuts that will compromise your health, safety or service.


  • Talking money, let’s do it. We understand that dental costs more than a cup of coffee. It has a significant impact on any budget and family.
  • We understand that you want value for money. Your money needs to work hard for you.
  • Together we can get the best for you treatment for you by planning it and being organised.
  • We believe that it is important that we are approachable about what the cost of treatment is.
  • Whether it is a simple yearly check up or complicated treatment, it is important that you know the cost and are not caught by surprise.


  • At Prevent Dental, you will be guaranteed that you will have the highest standard of hygiene that is available to us.
  • This standard is higher than the minimum requirements set by the Industry requirements.
  • View our sterilisation areas and procedures as they are openly visible.
  • You are welcome to ask questions when you come in.
  • We use a tracking procedure which bar codes all autoclave cycles and instrument batches with each individual set of instruments at each and every appointment.
  • All items that are used in your mouth can be put into the autoclave or are single use items that are thrown away after one use.//autoclave// Machine that sterilises instruments with steam. This kills viruses and bacteria.